smile and laughter will follow

Ever since I was a little girl in Germany I dreamed about becoming a baker-partisier (Konditorin in German). Before my family decided to immigrate to Canada, I was involved in an serious motorbike accident that almost took my leg. After a very long and painful recovery time that wouldn’t have been possible without my parents, a great medical team and my own determination, I managed to achieve my dream job.

My parents opened Sigrid’s Cafe and Fine Bakery in 1983 and we’re still here 36 years later. In 2004 my husband Brian and I took over, and now we run the store with our three adult children Tim, Patrick and Jessica. My passion for baking has helped me overcome a lot of life’s challenges. Support from family and friends is very important but you also have to give of yourself as much as you can and be grateful for even the smallest achievements.

I’m also very grateful for our wonderful staff and a supportive community like Barrie who took us in and let us be part of there daily lives. This makes me feel incredibly humble for everything I have.

So never give up! Find happiness in the little things in life. There are people who will help but if you don’t ask they will never know. Smile, and laughter will follow.

One of my favourite life lessons come from the Rolling Stones: “You can’t always get what you want but…you get what you need.”

So please stop by Sigrid’s and say hello. We guarantee you’ll leave with a smile.

– Andrea, passionate baker, mother, loves to laugh, eternal optimist, avid soccer fan (player and spectator!)