everyone has a story

I often say, if I could do it all over again, I would be doing exactly what I am doing now. Being a motivator, a confidence builder and a passion driver.

I thrive on all these things when working with my clients.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing someone grow from a place of uncertainty, to a place of assurance and confidence.

I opened ROSS Coaching and have worked as a life coach for the past five years.

I absolutely love it! It’s who I am.

It’s a great feeling knowing people trust me enough to share their life’s challenges in hopes of getting some direction and becoming empowered to take a leap of faith – in themselves.

The one thing anyone who knows me will tell you is, if you don’t want to hear the truth, don’t ask Karleen for her input. 

I’ve always been a straight shooter. My perspective on wanting change, regardless of how drastic, is to first, recognize the need.

Second, accept ownership of your part in the process.

And third, commit to what’s necessary to create the change you say you want.

In life many of us make decisions that become unhealthy and repetitive behaviour. It’s not always easy to hear the truth from someone who you feel should be supportive. But I’ve never been one to add sugar to spoiled milk. Because in the end, the milk is still spoiled and drinking it with sugar is just an attempt to mask the obvious.

Keep drinking it and I guarantee you, eventually it will make you sick.

The key is to change the outcome. Get rid of the spoiled milk and pour yourself a fresh glass. Secure it and do what’s necessary to keep it fresh and healthy.

Life is too short. Tomorrow is promised to no one. So why spend your days being unhappy or unfulfilled? It’s valuable time, days, weeks, months or even years that you will never get back.

I specialize in working with youth, young adults and women from all walks of life. From business owners, to the bubbly baker at your favourite coffee shop, everyone has a story.

Some choose not to tell it, while others can’t find a way out of their struggle unless they do – and then they make a commitment to change their outcome. I work with amazing people who ultimately want the best for themselves and, in turn, the people in their lives also reap the benefits.

I push my clients outside of their comfort zone because without (healthy) risk, there is no growth. And if we aren’t growing, we aren’t learning.

We deserve to be happy – but what that looks like to you, may be very different than what it looks like to others.

My motto is “find your happy”, because once you find it – everything else falls into place.

Feelings First 

I am a strong advocate for mental health. It is a sensitive and important topic to me.

I founded Feelings First in 2018. My inspiration comes from one of my children who has struggled with mental illness for many years. At times, it’s almost mentally broken me. But it has also forced me to get involved and be a small part of a positive and amazing movement.

It’s something I never really took the time to think about – until it affected my own child.

I realized what a horribly devastating illness this can sometimes be. People don’t easily talk about it because it comes with a stigma.

I realized that so many suffer in silence or, struggle with how to be supportive because they themselves simply don’t understand it.

I founded Feelings First as a platform to create events where we could fundraise in support of mental illness within our region. Proceeds go toward our local hospital, the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre’s (RVH) Mental Health and Addictions Unit, as well as hosting seminars and workshops promoting positive mental well-being and creating a supportive environment for the supporters.

I speak monthly to audiences about the struggles and stigma of mental illness and how everyone can play a part by joining the conversation.

There are so many people who are affected by mental illness, whether directly or indirectly and the struggle to feel understood and heard can be difficult.

It is a lonely and dark space that few understand, unless they have encountered it.

Speaking about mental illness and coaching clients to a happier, healthier mental headspace, for me, is both fulfilling and therapeutic.

I recently published my first book called A Mother’s Love.

It’s my personal journey of raising a son with mental illness. A story I share through my eyes.

My hope is to reach parents, caregivers, family and friends of those who suffer mental illness to know that help is available, recognize the warning signs and be a part of the conversation. If what I’m doing can impact one single life, then it was worth every second of my efforts.

– Karleen, life coach, author, mental health advocate >> learn more