giving feels good – pass it on

My mantra is ‘take help when you need it and give help when you can.’ 

My career is built on human kindness, also known as philanthropy. Generosity impacts every part of our community and always comes full circle. The same art organization you support today may open your mind tomorrow through a thought-provoking art experience. Give a gift to build a cancer centre and your future self may seek help for treatment. And establish a scholarship at a college and you may find your business hiring a graduate.

Philanthropy not only changes community, it changes people. Sharing our blessings is a universal act seen throughout the world and history. Everyone is capable of giving a little or sometimes giving a lot. What’s important is to pause and take in the experience; feel the joy of giving.

People often express, to me, how great giving feels. The buying power of generosity can levitate your spirit in a way that no other purchase matches. Try it – you may find a joy that will start you on a new journey or reignite an old great feeling.

– Rebbeca, Director of Philanthropy at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre; a person who just tries to do right and when I don’t, someone who can learn from it and get back on life’s journey >> learn more