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Forget small talk; we love asking BIG questions. We love photography. And we love the GBA (Greater Barrie Area).  We’ve been curating bits of conversations and the thoughts of those who live, work and play in our region since 2015.

A wee disclaimer

The ideas, opinions, thoughts and views expressed by those featured on our website belong solely to the author.

This is a volunteer community photo project and we welcome participation from any member of the greater Barrie community.

Meet the team

Pictured left to right

Scott: photographer, creative, philanthropist, artist, purveyor of fine homes, dog lover, vagabond >> learn more

Kristin: camera slinger, curator, wordweaver, bookeater, grateful, kind >> learn more

Elaine: storyteller, wordsmith, Springsteen fan, BADASS songwriter, kind, wrangler, golfer, loyal, guitar strummer, coms specialist, rainmaker, sensitive soul, master hugger, community-minded, activist, smile maker, presenter of folk music, creative >> learn more

Doug: photojournalist, listener, epicure, community-spirited, family man, mentor, music lover, confidante, questioner, inventive, transcendentalist, sci-fi fan, embracer of the now

Guest contributor

Special thanks to Apryl who was a valued member of our team and is one amazing photographer. She’s off doing cool TKL stuff. Check it out!

Want to join the team? We’re looking for photo-storytellers. Email thepeopleofbarrie@gmail.com with samples of your photography and a little blurb about who you are and why you want to join us.