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We love asking BIG questions. We love photography. And we love what we call “the GBA” (Greater Barrie Area). Put all three together and it’s the perfect recipe for a volunteer community project – curating conversations with those who live, work and play in our region.

Our mission is to foster empathy, kindness, have a little fun, and to contribute to that wonderful sense of community Barrie is known for.

It’s been an incredible journey so far and we’ve shared amazing – and often hilarious – insights from people who opened up to us about life, love and what makes them get out of bed each morning.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you enjoy our people mosaic. Who knows? Maybe someday you’ll find yourself in front of our lens.

Meet the team

Pictured left to right

Scott, photographer, creative, philanthropist, artist, purveyor of fine homes, dog lover, vagabond >> learn more

Kristin, curator, camera slinger, changemaker, wordweaver, bookeater, grateful, kind >> learn more

Elaine, storyteller, wordsmith, Springsteen fan, BADASS songwriter, kind, wrangler, golfer, loyal, guitar strummer, coms specialist, rainmaker, sensitive soul, master hugger, community-minded, activist, smile maker, presenter of folk music, creative >> learn more

Doug, photojournalist, listener, epicure, community-spirited, family man, mentor, music lover, confidante, questioner, inventive, transcendentalist, sci-fi fan, embracer of the now

Guest contributors

We’re grateful when people share their talents with us! Special thanks to Apryl for sharing her fab photo skills with us on occasion >> learn more